Chairman's Itch - Delivering Success

As a chairman, do you feel an ‘itch of concern’ that your CEO or board is missing something REALLY important?

If so, welcome to our Chairman’s‐Itch web site and a brand‐new service using exactly the same proven principles as our existing business and born from our recognition of an unsatisfied marketplace need.

We can all see that the extraordinary Covid episode is already causing a ‘reset’ in our economy and in many of our businesses. ‘What was’ is not ‘what will be’. In this environment our Chairmans‐Itch service could be just what is needed for many a forward thinking chairman.

However, if you don’t like ‘interesting’ questions, you won’t like us!

In our last 20 years our clients have found that a truly independent, board experienced professional with the right skills, and persistence is invaluable.  The independent objectivity to get to the heart of the problem can produce extraordinary results. And, on occasion, can shine a vital spotlight on ‘the elephant in the room’, when it comes to strategy.

W. Edwards Deming was one of the greatest engineering advisors to manufacturing leaders, and in his time had a profound and lasting influence on highly successful Japanese industrial thinking. He said…

‘If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.’

W. Edwards Deming

Our own ‘key thoughts’ for you

Why tolerate ‘the itch’ when you could take action?

Why not engage in a process which is tried and tested, unthreatening and genuinely helpful, which is guaranteed to reveal fresh insights, as a spur to beneficial action?

Which will reveal major issues, show fresh revenue opportunities and/or cost savings for your organisation. More than justifying your fixed cost investment.

In shorthand this process can be described as a ‘strategy-health-check’.

How is it done?

Of course, it all starts with a ‘complimentary’ and absolutely confidential conversation with our MD.

  • We will listen carefully and ask our own first ‘key questions’.

  • Share how we mobilise our knowledge and insight to help start the process to enable YOU to select the ‘right’ board experienced independent ‘trusted advisor’ from our carefully chosen hand-picked cadre of around 100

  • Arrange for you to see, face to face, three excellent independent leaders, all with the necessary skills, available at the time, and keen to help you.

  • Then, it is down to you to select the one that you think will be the best’ fit’ for you and the unique culture of your organisation.

Finding the right person

Our results over the last 20 years consistently demonstrate that the application of just ONE ‘right’ senior board experienced, independent, a ‘trusted advisor’, can make the difference that often cohorts of expensive big brand consultants cannot.  To get ‘under the skin’ of a strategy.

As any leader knows well many of the secrets of transformation already lie INSIDE your organisation, but the right experienced independent and ‘the right questions’ can so often be the key catalyst that enables forward movement in an effective, non- threatening and helpful way.  With the very considerable benefit of a pre-agreed, fixed price, before you start.

Our proven record

Since our foundation in 2000 in the UK,  in Bristol, London and Halifax we have  already facilitated 45 highly successful transformational projects so far, at board level, at an average fee of around £100,000 a time, (around £5m in fees) but achieving many millions of ‘return on investment’ for our clients.

These projects have covered a wide range of clients and issues. Major clients at board level include;

  • Globally Tata, Panasonic, Halcrow and Stretchline Global.

  • Successful UK brands, like Yeo Valley, Flogas, and GB Oils.

  • Top MBA institutions like Henley Management College and their successful merger with Reading University.

  • Key UK institutions like The Crown Prosecution Service, The Solicitors Regulator, The Legal Services Board, The General Social Care Council (the regulator for all UK social workers) and Ordnance Survey.

Action.  What next?

Simply call our MD, David Pinchard at our London offices in Piccadilly +44(0) 20 7830 9663 or just a simple email to for more detail go to

A summary

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first fifty-five minutes to determine the proper question to ask”

Albert Einstein

W. Edwards Deming

Since our foundation as an independent company in 2000 we have always believed in the dynamic effect in organisations delivered by the careful engagement of the ‘right’ senior, board experienced, ‘independent’, who can provide fresh knowledge and ‘insight’ to the leadership and board of a company. Indeed, our methodology also has made the same substantial differences in specific projects to help the leadership of public and third sector organisations.

These have all been successful delivering many millions of ‘value add’ to our clients.

Senior independents have a tendency to ask the questions that insiders have missed or forgotten to ask. And, in the answers, releasing the energy to solve issues, boost morale and move forward. Indeed, from time to time, their leadership experience comes from different sectors than those of our clients. This provides a further source of fresh and valuable insights.

As one of our many clients himself a Chairman of a number of companies said ‘I have known Transformation-Leaders now for many years. There are indeed unique. Via them, I have sourced successfully on three important occasions. In two cases they found for me, two brilliant and highly trustworthy industrial engineering leaders helping lead the transformation of two of my companies. The third project involved very sophisticated digital strategy advice on an £80M global project of ours. And there is now a further project in gestation in the wings for later this year.’

So once again, if you have ‘an itch’, why not act?